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GROOMING -Japanese Style Grooming-


Basic Grooming
shampoo, nail cut, ear care, anal gland, bottom of paws trim, stomach shave, anal trim
Full Grooming
Basic + Hair Cut

yl1_r.gifAll Breed Grooming Price

  • Depend on Size and Breed
  • Additional charge for Tangled hair and special grooming request
  • 10% off for the next grooming if you book the next appt at the check out.
  • Get one free grooming after ten groomings.
  • 20% off Basic & Full Grooming for all new customers.

Grooming policy

  • Fleas & Ticks treatment is required if there is any fleas or ticks are found on your dog. There will be extra $10.00 + tax with the Basic or Full grooming package. We will do our best to contact the owner before the treatment but if the owner can't be reached treatment will be done before the grooming.
  • We may not be able groom the dog with the skin problem. Depending on the condition grooming can make the skin condition worse. Please inform us if there is any problem before the grooming. If we find any problem during the grooming we may stop the grooming and may not be able to complete the service.
  • Removing/brushing under coat and matted fur is hard on your dogs skin and may cause redness or pain. We may refuse to untangle the extreme matted fur and recommend to shave instead.
  • If you are not satisfied with the grooming we will fix it for free. You must contact us within two days after the grooming.
  • Please call us at least a day before to cancel your appointment. We won't be able to take your future reservation if you cancel your appointment twice in a row on the appointment day even though same day appointment is available for those customers. Other customers will be able to book an appointment if the cancelation is made ahead of the time. Last minute cancelation can cause inconvenience to other customers because other customers won't be able to come even though they wanted to book at your appointment time.


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